CCG Commanding Officer

CCGS Bartlett 180' (Navigation Aids Tender)

CCGS WE Ricker 180' (Fisheries Research)

CCGS Gordon Reid 164' (Search and Rescue)

CCGS Tanu 180' (Search and Rescue)

CCGS Vector 130' (Science Operations)

CCGS Arrow Post 100' (Fisheries Management)

PPA Pilotage Waivers

M/Y Serene 439'

M/Y Vibrant Curiosity 280'

R/V Thomas G Thompson 275'

M/Y Ocean Victory 250'

E/V Nautilus 210'

M/Y Calypso 207'

M/Y Sea Owl 205'

M/Y Lady Lola 200'

S/Y Tamsen 175'

M/Y Slojo 175'

M/Y Deniki 175'

M/Y Triton 163'

M/Y Lara 150'

  • Pilotage is compulsory for foreign vessels greater than 500 GT transiting Canadian waters.

  • Duncan McCallum is a Canadian Coast Guard Captain available for Pilotage Waivers.

  • When Captain McCallum is signed onto your vessel as a 'Deck Officer', and he has conduct of the vessel, the Pacific Pilotage Authority can grant a 'Waiver of Compulsory Pilotage' to your vessel.

  • You will not be required to have a Pilot and you will not be required to pay Pilotage Fees.

  • Duncan has met the Pilotage Waiver requirements of the Pacific Pilotage Regulations for the past 10 years.

  • With over 35 years of experience working on the Pacific Coast, Captain McCallum has extensive knowledge of local hazards, weather, currents, berths, and anchorages.


Transport Canada - Master - Unlimited


Bridge Resource Management

Ship Security Officer

SAR - Onscene Co-ordinator

Marine Spill Response Operations

Basic Oil Spill Response

Rescue Specialist


University of Victoria - Bachelor of Arts

Languages - English, French and German

Associate Fellow - The Nautical Institute

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